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Kasey has released a newly sequenced version of Let the Bloody Moon Rise, remastered from Kurt Bloch's original mixes.

Let the Bloody Moon Rise never received a proper release because by the time it was mastered and ready to see the light of day, I was long gone. Making that record with the Honkies (Andrew McKeag, Ty Bailie, Eric Corson and Mike Musburger), Kurt Bloch, and friends is something I look back on with both gratitude and regret -- gratitude that I got the opportunity to make that record with those folks, but regret that I was absent, first figuratively and then literally, for almost the entire process. I was able to find Kurt's original mixes of the record, pared it down to the tracklist and sequence we'd intended, and I'm glad that I'm present now to give it a real release. I'm so proud of the work I did with that band, and I hope this record gets a second life and finds some people who missed it the first time around. - KA

Let the Bloody Moon Rise is available now.

Kasey Anderson